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I used to hate passing by a mirror, or even a big window before my tummy tuck surgery. I would always be so dissatisfied with my profile, all the lumpiness and bulging despite the fact that I’d lost weight and was trying to eat healthier. Now, when I pass by a mirror in the department store or catch my reflection in the window of a restaurant, I’m ridiculously pleased and can’t stop smiling! So worth it!

Tracy H.


Being that chubby kid most of my life, I never dreamed I could look this good. I finally got serious about my health 2 and half years ago. It took a lot of gym time and developing new eating habits and I finally got it together, but was still not able to achieve those abs that I saw in some of the other gym rats. Come to find out, all those years of having that extra weight around my midsection weakened my whole abdominal wall and the muscles needed repair and time to heal. Now I’m on track!

Carlos P.


Love, love, LOVE my new belly button! Not to mention, my smooth, firm stomach and beautiful, trim waist! What a difference in my look and my life! I’m so thankful!

Rina S.

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